Friday, April 29, 2011

Grandmom's 80th (& dyeing Easter eggs with my girl!)

My grandmom (dad's mom) turned 80 last Saturday! We threw her a birthday party at her church's fellowship hall and it was such a good turnout! There were exactly 80 people there!

This cake was SO GOOD.

This is my mamaw (my mom's mom). Both sets of grandparents have gone to church together for years!

She got LOTS of gifts! I got to be the lucky one who wrote everything down, and if you've ever watched an 80 year old open gifts (including taking things out of the box they came in to get a better look at it)...then you know it can take a full day.

It was so funny because one lady bought her a Christmas glass hurricane candle holder and I asked her who she was. So she introduced me to her as her niece. I'm like "huh?". I told her I'd let it slide since she was 80.

Avie sang happy birthday to Grandmom and was so proud of herself. She sings that song everyday. And she uses my name in it so I always tell her "thank you, this is a wonderful birthday!".

Grandmom with her great-daughters.
Mom bought the girls matching dresses for an Easter gift so they wore them to the party.

Caroline and Avie having some cake

They played hard! I don't know if you can tell how tired and sweaty they look in this pic!

My cousin Mike and his fiance Ashley, Chad and Drew (my brother's youngest), sister-in-law Emmy, my cousin Heather, her daughter Laurashae, and her cousin Haley

Drew-Drew and Uncle Chad

(minus a few) 

The girls were so upset we were taking a picture without them. You can tell Avie was crying and Caroline is begging Emmy to pick her up.

(my arm is awkward in this pic)

Drew is starting to take some steps!

When we got home...way past Avie's bedtime...we decided to dye Easter eggs. I'd already boiled them that afternoon. Avie really enjoyed putting the princess stickers on them.

And then daddy read "Peter Cottontail" to her before bedtime.

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  1. I love that Chad wore the ears when he read the book. He's such a sweet little daddy. ;)

    Love that the party went so well. Can't BELIEVE he's starting to walk. Time flies!