Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?!

Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat?! Who dat?!
Yes, we WON! Wow...
In our small neighborhood in the country, there were fireworks going off on the bayou and horns blowing by every car that passed our road. It was awesome.
Avie and I had to head home from the SuperBowl party at halftime because it was close to bedtime and she was a sleepy girl. Daddy stayed...I think I would've gotten the "worst wife of the year" award if I'd even expected him to leave with me...haha...we'd already planned to take separate cars for this very reason. You know they wanna watch the game with the guys! I made Chad, Avie, and myself Saints shirts. No I am not cheap (well, sometimes I am, but not this time), we just couldn't find anything we loved. Chad wanted a polo, which I never saw...I wanted a "cutesy" shirt...and I couldn't find one in Avie's size. You're probably all thinking: we saw all of those types of shirts. WELL NOT ME! haha. I bought a Saints fleur de lis design online and monogrammed Chad's white polo to match his cap (which I didn't get a picture of...although I did with my cell phone). I bought a cute black tunic at Old Navy and monogrammed a black/gold polka dot fleur de lis on it, and then I made one for Avie with "Saints" in pink so she could wear her pink boots and pink bow! Ok, did you really need to know all that? I just thought I needed to share. It's fun to be creative.

Here are some sweet pics of my little one before her bath. She had lots of fun playing with all the kids at the SuperBowl party. She would periodically run into the living room where we were sitting, give me a hug and kiss, and run back to playing in the back with the other kids. I loved that. It's like she was letting me know she was ok and that she loves me.

Would've been an embarrassing moment for me...

So has anyone reading this ever tucked their dress into their pantyhose? Ok, well luckily I haven't, but my child doesn't seen to mind that hers was caught underneath her jacket as we were leaving the mall last weekend. I thought it was too cute and too "Avie" not to take a picture...

Green Eggs and Ham

My mama has made eggs for Avie time and time again...I don't care for scrambled eggs, so it never occurs to me that my child might actually love them! (selfish, I know) But I have started making them for her sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for supper. The other night I made her eggs with ham and toast...(LIGHTBULB!)...add green foodcolor to the eggs and make it interesting! She ate it! ...and it makes for cute stories...(even though I do NOT read Avie any
Dr. Suess books...I can't help it, I've never been a fan)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Silly Wabbit

She's already the most well-behaved 18 month old I know, she minds and understands "no" perfectly, and she's extremely loving...she's also super-silly!

She can put her bunny hat on all by herself! HAHA

...and take it off...

...and put it on again!

Just Like Her Mama...

Yes, friends, my child already knows what make-up is. She knows that it's only for girls and that it's fun to play with. She used to be ok with just playing with a brush or two, but now I have to sit the whole bag in front of her so she can pick what she wants to hold. She reaches up for it and then turns around to go sit on the rug everytime with it everytime. It's precious.


Ok, I just let Avie run around, play, watch TV, etc. in the mornings while we get ready for work. She never gets into anything she's not supposed to, so I can actually be in my bathroom getting ready while she's in the living room watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (no doubt). Many mornings, I find her sprawled out in her daddy's big brown chair watching cartoons...and she's always got an object in each hand. Look's a make-up brush and powder.

I just think it's hilarious how she just hops up there and gets comfortable...