Friday, June 26, 2009

Messy Avie!

During OT last week, we worked with Avie on feeding herself. She doesn't put ANYTHING in her mouth. She will open her mouth and let you put food in, but you can't put food in her hand for her to put in her mouth. Even teething, she didn't chew on things. So, it's a milestone to feed herself and that's what we're working on at the moment. Her OT wanted to put her in her bumbo and put pudding on the tray. The object was to get Avie to play in the pudding, taste it, and want to put it in her mouth. Didn't work. Boo. All I got was a messy baby and a messy kitchen. She slung butterscotch pudding everywhere!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

We started celebrating Father's Day last Saturday with a Chad & Shelley fishing day. Chad has a tournament on the Ouachita River tomorrow so we thought we'd scope out the river last weekend so they would know where they wanted to fish. Chad caught a few...I caught zero. I insisted on these pink finesse worms with green glitter when we went to Academy the night before. They didn't work. Fish DO bite pink not be fooled. They just didn't that day!

Here is Chad with one of his fish. This was a nice size!

That night, we met my family at Outback for early Father's Day dinner. Mom and Dad had kept Avie the night before so we could go to the movies. The Proposal...a must-see. They brought Avie back to us when we met for dinner.

Caroline knawing on a whole loaf of Outback bread. Too cute.

And our little movie star.

Looks like she's signing Nana's receipt...

"Nana, how do you use this thing?"

Avie loves her one and only Uncle Tim!

Molly and Pops!

Uncle Chad and sweet Caroline

Grandmom and her greatgrandaughters...and Tim and Chad too. Look at the awkward face Tim's making.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

These two are the reason I'm so happy...

Tim, Caroline, Molly, and Emmy

On the "real" Father's Day morning before church, I got up and made Chad some toast with sweet caramel sprinkle (mmmm! Pampered Chef!). Avie got a little bit too! She liked sharing with her Daddy on his special day.

Chad's parents came in town to go to church with us and afterward we went out to lunch and then headed to the camp. Mom and Dad and Tim, Em, and the girls went down there and had lunch together so they were already down there. Chad's parents hadn't seen our new camp (finished last September) so we took them to show them.

here is Nonna and Avie

I got a cute shot of Caroline as they were leaving.

Avie loves Molly...seriously, I think she thinks Molly is her big sister too!

me and my 2 loves

she's very vocal...

I loved her dress and wanted some pics of just her so I laid out a sheet, sat her on it, and shot away. All these look so much alike, but I included all of them because her expressions are different in all of them.

me and my girl

me and my sweet hubby...Happy 1st Father's Day Chad!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun at Aunt Em and Uncle Tim's

We went to Tim and Emmy's last week...the girls love playing together and we usually see them several times a week!

Avie and Caroline are so cute playing together.

The girls are trying to get to the remote I think. Or maybe they just want Tim!

No, I think it's the remote they're after! (I love that outfit Nonna bought for Avie...Calvin Klein...I'll be sad when she outgrows it.)

Maybe Uncle Tim smelled something and is trying to figure out who it's coming from?

They LOVE him!

Avie's Pulling Up!

So my sweet baby has met another milestone! We, along with her OT, have been working with her on pulling up and she's mastered it! She's been doing it for a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd share some pics!

Who's that baby lookin' out the window???

It's Avie!

Ok, I promise I dress my kid, but we stripped her so she could eat pudding with her hands (pics to come later!).

This is so sweet to me!

She is so tall!

And...she loves the laptop!

I mean, LOVES it!

And she LOVES the bathtub!

...wanting to jump in!

Say CHEESE Avie!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lake Fork, TX

Last weekend, Chad and I went to Lake Fork (in Texas) to meet up with my friend, Tina, and her boyfriend, Derek. Chad and Derek both have Skeeter bass boats, so obviously both are avid anglers. We dropped Avie off with her Nonna and Papa (they live about an hour and a half from Lake Fork) and we stayed at the Lake Fork Marina for the weekend. It was a very convenient place to stay...they have an awesome restaurant there where we ate every single meal (and the best pie EVER...even had pie and coffee for breakfast the last day) and a store for anything you might need. Then the boat ramp was just yards away from our room too. Chad and I don't know this lake AT ALL so we're glad we were with folks who knew it WELL.

Here is Tina from a FAR distance with a fish she just caught. Our boats stayed together since we don't know our way around the lake, but we kept our distance. Seriously, the lake is so big it felt like we were in an ocean.

Kiss my bass!

My honey bringin in a fish.

Yay Chad! His first one of the weekend!

This man LOVES to fish. I just enjoy watching him sometimes.

Reelin one in! This is Chad, by the way.

This is how far we were from them most of the time.

Hey Chad!

So Saturday afternoon, Tina's boyfriend's friend had the idea of a mini-tournament. The person who caught the biggest fish under 16" by 9 pm wins. Yeah, I said 9 pm. We fished from 8:30 am-9 pm. No kidding. We would've been out there at 5:30 am but slept in because we stayed up so late the night before. Well...guess who won the tourney? ME! I caught a 2 lb 3 oz fish at 15". This is the new X-Tools scale I got Chad for Father's Day (an eary present!).

Ok, this is literally like 8pm and it's still broad daylight. They fish til dark.

We skipped fishing Sunday because we had a long drive home...and we couldn't wait to see this little munchkin. See her pulling up on things? Yay Avie Drue!