Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 2nd Halloween Avie Drue!

We had a really fun Halloween! Daddy went hunting that morning so Avie and I went to lunch with Nana at Pickle Barrel...our fav! Then we went shoe-hunting! Avie got her braces last week so now we have to find bigger shoes that they'll fit into! It was an unsuccessful shopping trip, but we've since got her 3 pair! Daddy met us at the mall and instead of us driving all the way back to Sterlington before the Fall Festival, we just changed her in the parking lot. We skipped the Fall Fest at our church so that my grandmothers could see Avie...so we went to the one at their church! We were supposed to go to Brooke and Brad's for a weinie roast and trick-or-treating, but Avie got tired at the Fall Festival and just wouldn't make it!

Here she is getting into her "vintage" clown costume. This was my sister's and then mine when we were babies. I thought Avie looked absolutely adorable in it.

She was getting really frustrated with us! You should've seen her when I was holding her down, putting clown face paint on her! We didn't capture that moment on camera.

Ok, she has my phone...she is calm now.

...not too sure about the HUMUNGO clown bow!

...and now she's as happy as a clown!

Her ever-so-adorable CHEEEESE!!! Yes, I taught her this. She's silly. I've been trying to teach her how to say "please" but since it rhymes with "cheese" she thinks that's what I mean so she does this little grin...
On our way to the carnival, she fell asleep in the car. This is so sweet to me...

These are my cousin's twin boys, Britton and Braeden...they are LSU football players. How cute? They're yelling "Go Tigers!"

Avie is happy with her mamaw.

...and Grandmom...she walked around with her alot...they even did the cake walk.

Playing a game with Nana...

She's like "I recognize these from bathtime!"

Now playing a game with Daddy!

She looks so proud of herself!

Avie and Uncle Gary!

Avie is touching a real bunny rabbit!

You're supposed to stand away from the clown and throw the beanbags in...but Avie found a better way.

Yay Avie!!!

And she wins a prize!!

Avie just wants the camera. She reaches for it everytime!

We are having a great time!


Hey Avie and Daddy!

Nonna even came in to spend the night! Avie had both grandmothers and great-grandmothers that night! She was lovin' it!

I just can't get over this grin!

She had this lipstick kissy mark on her forehead the entire night...the fuschia lipstick would just NOT rub off! Thanks Nana.

Avie and Nana!

Avie, Nana, and Mamaw....

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

I've always loved Disney, so naturally I've always turned the TV on the Disney Channel for Avie to watch cartoons. Well, she got hooked on some of the shows...especially The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Caroline and Molly love it too, so when we found out Playhouse Disney was coming to the Monroe Civic Center the day before Halloween, we HAD to get tickets! And guess what?? Daddies went too! Of course, they both headed straight to the camp after we had dinner following the show.

My child MUST be festive everywhere we go...I had to make her a Minnie Mouse tee! Didn't it turn out adorable?? I ordered the applique file online, but the lady didn't email it to me until the morning of the show...which was a school day! Luckily I woke up at 5 am and had time to make it before heading to daycare and work!

It really is the MOST fun to see your child enjoying something. Avie loved the show!

All 3 of the girls...Caroline (who was Minnie Mouse for Halloween), Molly (LSU cheerleader), and Avie!

My angel in her adorable pettiskirt!

Minnie and her daddy

Look how excited my nieces are! Ok, maybe it's just Molly and her mama...Caroline looks pretty chill...

Avie went absolutely NUTS when the hot dog song came on! They made everyone get up and of course we all did the hot dog dance. Anything to make our children smile!

She swayed back and forth and danced so much, she almost flew out of my lap. This kid just hears a beat and breaks it down.

And the highlight of the show...The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Whatcha think about that?!

Giddy Up!

Yes, I realize my child is almost 16 months old...but how could we deny her the Jumperoo when she begged to get in it last week? She still bounced like she did at 4 months. And I know, 4 months is a little young for the Jumperoo, (we actually started at 3 months with a towel stuffed behind her), but she LOVED it! It was the best thing to keep her entertained during infancy! And obviously, she's still a litte sentimental about it...here she is yall...


Ok, so I have a twin brother as you all know...but who'd have thought we'd have babies at the same time? His wife and I had girls 26 days apart and they are adorable together. We call them twin cousins. At the camp a few weeks ago, they wore their matching pj's Nana and Pops got them for their birthdays.

Emmy has the Hot Dog Song as a ringtone and everytime she would play it, Avie would drop it like it's hot. I now have the same ringtone.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

So I probably started my child out a little too early on ice cream and sno cones...two things of which I love dearly. She loves cold and sweet things. Now, she's addicted to ice cream. When we give her some, she literally SHAKES. It's hilarious.

You see how big this ice cream cone is??? Yeah, she ate almost the entire thing!