Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

 This year Avie has 2 Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny can never fit everything in the one on the right (this is her basket from the last 2 Easters...I made the basket liner and monogrammed it) so I made the one on the left this year to put her goodies in and she can use the other one to hunt eggs. The new one is metal and kinda heavy for her, so I didn't think it'd be a good idea for her to tote that one around!

Molly, Caroline, and Drew's Easter present from Avie

Look what the Easter Bunny left! (well, Chad and I got her a little something...on the left)

So I know it looks a little overboard, but really it wasn't that bad! There were EIGHT books! She loves books! More than any other toy she owns. I bought way too many for Christmas so I decided to put 5 of them up for Easter instead of giving them to her for Christmas.

This year the Easter Bunny didn't leave much candy. He did one little bag and then a couple of things of tic tacs...she loves fruity tic tacs. He usually puts books, clothes, a movie, and a few odds and ends in her basket. She gets so much candy at her class party that the candy the Easter Bunny brings usually never gets eaten...or Chad and I eat it. haha.

Chad and I had her a little gift...these dresses and bathing suit. I had already bought the dresses for summer, so I figured I'd go ahead and monogram them and "gift" them! The bathing suit was my fav! It is poppy and white striped seersucker! I can't resist Baby Gap.

Once all the excitement died down (and daddy made a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, and coffee cake muffins), Avie wanted to SWING, no doubt. This is what we do everyday from the time we get home until suppertime.

Avie got to sit with us in church and was such a good girl. She colored and read some of her new books. After church we went to my mamaw's house for Easter lunch.

This is Avie on Mamaw's front porch waiting to hunt Easter Eggs!

aaaaaand they're off!

Even Drew got to participate!
(there's an egg in that tree in case you can't see it!)

My cousin's twin boys, Britton and Braeden


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