Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Avie in the boat, Avie's new clothes I've sewn, and Easter Decor!

Ok, so I think I'm getting this blogging thing down. Now, let's see...yesterday Avie was getting a little fussy and restless (she was tired, but it was like an hour before bedtime so we had to keep her up!) so what do we do??? Take her outside! That always perks her up. She loves being outside. She hasn't been in Chad's boat yet, so he pulled back the cover and let her sit in it while he piddled with lures. She found a strap to play with and that's all she needed.

Excited to be in daddy's boat!

I promise I dress my child in more than just a t-shirt and diaper, but we'd just changed a diaper and foolin' with pants was just a waste of time dontcha think?
She's so impressed by her daddy...

"Playin' with my cool new strap..."


I've been sewing a little here and there. There just isn't enough time in the day to do all I want to do!!! I've made a few of these "t-shirt" dresses for Avie. I'm all about dressing her festively for all holidays.
See this fabric....

Sew it onto a t-shirt and monogram it...voila!

I made her a t-shirt dress out of this fabric a few weeks ago, but I loved the print, so I got some more and made her some little capris!

And now for my Easter decor...
I try to decorate a little for each holiday. So far I've done Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and now Easter!
Funny Bunny...

Disregard the 2 sewing machines in the background, the box of fabric, and the pattern cutting board. My embroidery machine sews too, but I haven't figured it out...so I sew on my older machine and monogram on my new one!

I always have a seasonal plate on my mantel.

...and my set of spotted eggs. Got these at Ross for $4...you know my husband makes fun of me for going in there?? But these are too cute!

My bunny baby and spring-y candlesticks...

...and for the full-effect....

That's all I have for now! Hope yall have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


We (me and Emmy) took the girls to Alphafest on Saturday. I'd never been before, but Nana started the babies their own collection of Alphakidz books so I thought it'd be fun to go. Plus, Cindy Foust (the author) was there to sign books. I wanted to get Avie's signed. There were lots of fun games and activities for the kids. There was also a dance recital. There was a sock hop (which Molly did not want to leave! She had a blast dancing!) and Cindy Foust held a storytime for the kids. It was neat to see her read her own stories. Austin Alligator was supposed to make an appearance...that's all Molly talked about. When he finally came out, all Molly could say was "I wanna go home! I wanna go home!" (while she was hanging on for dear life to the stroller handle). I'm not making fun, Em, I really did think it was kinda cute! Bless her heart, Molly doesn't like people in costume... especially the Chick-fil-a cow!!! I got Avie the 3rd book (C) for our first alphafest!

Molly and Avie

Avie (she looks like she was preoccupied and then turned for a quick shot)

Sweet Caroline (she is all smiles all the time...and she loves it when Shell-Shell makes ugly faces...she just laughs!!!)

Again, Avie just graces us with a glance so I can take a quick picture. She was so into this. She loves just looking at everything going on. Very observant...very nosy. Wonder who she gets this from?!

Little Miss Caroline

I got a smile from my sweet girl! She knows what to do for a camera now...she smiles instantly when she sees it.

Can you see where they spraypainted Molly's hair? I think every kid there went to the "hair painting" booth and got their hair sprayed"

2 out of 3 of my favorite little girls!

a better shot of the red hair paint...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dancing Queen...(or Stevie Wonder???)

Ok, guys, my camera's out of commission for a little while. Actually, it took horrible pictures (as you may can tell) so I took it back and I'm now searching for another. For now, I'm posting a cell phone video clip of my HILARIOUS angel baby. We went out to dinner with Nana and Pops Wednesday night and she kept us entertained the entire time. There was music but you can't hear it. It's short, but worth watching 4 or 5 times! (you have to have Quicktime, but it shows you how to download it fast if you want it) Click below to watch:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet children of God

I was led to this first one after I brought Avie home from the hospital. They're a friend of a friend of a friend. The blog touched my heart. I followed this baby everyday until he passed away a few weeks ago. I felt like I knew him. He was only a few days older than Avie. I know we had our own scare back in July and I praise God that His will for Avie's earthly life was to let us keep her here for a while...a LONG while! Somehow, through Jameson's blog, the Lord has led me to these other blogs. I feel like He was saying, "Shelley, I healed your baby. Look at these babies and how faithful their parents are. Would you have trusted me this much if I hadn't healed Avie here on earth? Would you stay faithful to me if you were ever faced with something this difficult again? Would you praise me through the storm?" I'm answering these questions and growing more and more in my faith daily. Yes, what happened to Avie made my faith stronger. Chad and I praise Him daily for what He did for us. We, as Christians, will always have room to grow. And our faith is continuously growing. Yall, these parents are sitting at their child's bedside praying to the Father that He heal them. I thought if maybe I posted their blogs on my blog, more prayer would go their way. I'll also have their widgets on the side of my blog, so copy them to your blog if you want.





...and this is a mama that didn't get to take her baby home from the hospital...and she stayed strong, faithful, and praised Him through the storm. In fact, she carried her baby girl knowing that she would go to be with the Lord shortly after birth. This mama is the wife of one of the singers in the band Selah (we had one of their songs sung at our wedding). I love this quote from her blog: "And I know there'll be days when this life brings me pain. But if that's what it takes to praise you, Jesus bring the rain." (it's a MercyMe praise song)


I felt led to share this with you.

Tuesday with my mama and daddy...

Well, we finally got our girl back on Tuesday afternoon. She had an appointment with her neurologist (that went great) and after that we just went and piddled around town...I did NOT want to be at home all day...I'd been sick in bed for 3 days...I was DONE with being at home!

We went to Target where Little A got to ride on daddy's shoulders. She's like "hmmm, I've never seen the top of his head..."

We went to Academy so daddy could get some fishing stuff for his tournament this weekend and Avie found something for herself...

...a Barbie fishing rod...she's reading all the features before she decides if she wants to buy it.

"Mama, what do you think? Is it me? I think I'll wait til I'm a little bigger."

"But while we're here, let me show you my chunky legs..."

"And let me leave you with a smile."

Monday, March 23, 2009

My very first post!

Well I have finally decided to join the blogging world! (Can anyone tell me how to make my homepage picture smaller?) I've tried to start it a few times but never succeeded. I have a shutterfly page (http://www.thehendrixfamily1.shutterfly.com/ for those of you interested), but this seems a little more fun! Plus, I've become kinda addicted to blogs lately. Yeah, I'm intrigued by other peoples' lives. I love keeping in touch and seeing pictures. And...I even follow a few blogs of people I don't know. Don't lie, you know you do it too! I've been sick since Saturday night so my parents have had Avie since last night so she won't get sick. I MISS HER! I would like to dedicate tonight's post to my little angel, Avie Drue...

She looks so pretty in blue...with her blue eyes...

And OMG...this little bunny is the cutest little bunny I've ever seen! I got Avie and my nieces bunny ears at Target...yeah, I'm the girl who brings her own props to the portrait studio. This tulle is from my wedding reception.

We can wear little bows now!!!

And a sweet black and white bunny shot...