Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ok, so I know I haven't posted Easter pics yet...I'm going to...I just wanted to share some of my new-found craftiness. Now I've always loved crafting, but I'm not very "creative"...meaning: I can do the crafts, I just can't come up with the ideas! So...I see a cute idea and I replicate it. Sue me. I've become obsessed with this blog...Domestically Speaking. My favorite post...

"15th POPP...Power of Paint Party", there are TONS of cute ideas. Really...there are so many things in my house that can be transformed with just spraypaint! I've discovered lots of things I want to do...and some I've already done! Allow me to share...

The COFFEE FILTER wreath...

No, I did not make this particular one, but it turned out just like it....and this is how I plan to hang mine...on the foyer mirror. Really...would you ever guess that was brown coffee filters?? Me neither! It looks like dried peonies or something...I love it. When I saw this idea Friday, I couldn't wait to make it! We helped Chad's parents move last weekend and instead of getting in the bed and going to sleep Saturday night, I got in bed and made THIS! It took me less than 20 minutes probably. Check out the link and make one...it's totally cute!

Cost: small foam wreath from the Dollar Tree...$1 (obviously)

Pkg. of brown coffee filters...$1.32 (and only used half)

Straight pins (already had!)

Brown ribbon 1/2 yd. $0.59

TOTAL...Less than 3 bucks!

NEXT: The cloche dome

I've been wanting one of these, but haven't really found what I'm looking for. I read this blog and found this is totally what I've been wanting! If you were to buy these already done, they are pricey! I found a tiny glass one just at Hobby Lobby and it was $30.

I found one of these at Ross for $7.99

...and I already had one of these (in brushed nickel)...these pics aren't mine, but you get the point...

I spraypainted the glass plate and the candlestick oil rubbed bronze. I then used gorilla glue to glue the candlestick to the bottom of the plate...

...and VOILA!

No, mine doesn't have apples in it...I'm thinking small lemons for summertime!

Also...this is not large at all. I know it looks like a cake dome but it's a good bit smaller. I LOOOOOVE it!

Here is a Lowe's project idea I plan to do for my bedroom:

I'm thinking of using aqua instead of white...it would look awesome in our bedroom...
...and I loved this idea from Thrifty Decor Chick...this girl LOVES using trim...on everything...and she's good at it!
I'm thinking of doing this on my large living room wall. I've never liked it. I have an older large picture in the center with metal planter sconces on either side...it looks too "Home Interior-ish" to me. Anyway, I need something BIG on that wall and I've never found a BIG picture that I liked well enough for the price. So...I'm doing this!
I think I'm gonna leave the smaller square out of the equation. I want to put something large in the center and that will free up some space. I just think what's in this pic is a little small for such a big wall. And I think I'm going to do a lighter shade of paint to brighten things up.
...on another note, I've spraypainted a metal fleur de lis that goes above my black iron cookbook shelf. It was bronze and didn't match so I've made it match! I've painted some candlesticks for my upcoming beach-y tablescape, and I have several other things I'm wanting to spruce up with spraypaint! It's been fun so far!
My sewing room is coming together nicely...I'll post pics when it's complete! We're also planning our flowerbeds around the patio...may even do that this weekend! I'm looking at new patio furniture so maybe I'll even break down and get it too! This is the weather where it's good to stay home. If you enjoy your space, you'll wanna be in it more! I've always loved this house my husband built for us, but there are some things I've just left incomplete and I'm finally finding the time and energy to do it!


  1. good job! i LOVE the cake dome idea!!

  2. I can't wait to see all your finished projects! Thanks for the link to my blog.


  3. I can already tell that this is going to be a long comment, ha!

    First off, I absolutely LOVE that wreath!! I am going to have to make one too!!!

    Secondly, on your last post...ummm, I worked at a camp in Alexandria for a few summers, and we l.o.v.e.d. going to Oriental Wok and getting Tiny Spicy Chicken!! Small world! Now I'm craving it.

    And, I feel bad that it's been a while since I've gotten caught up on you guys...I knew you monogrammed, but I didn't realize that you sewed as well! I am trying to learn...ahh! I actually just bought a pattern the other day to make some pants for Anniston a lot like the ones you sewed for Olivia!

    Therapy is making me pretty weary these days! Anniston is doing really so well, but some of these milestones just seem like mountains sometimes when she is not wanting to acknowledge her right side...we're working so hard. I just feel like no one else I know can understand like you, so I guess that's why I just spilled that. It truly blesses me so much to see these pictures of Avie knowing that Anniston is going to be there soon. Patience is tough, though...trying not to rush these days :).

    Sorry about that...I hope you guys are doing well...seems like you are! Much love and hope you have a great weekend!