Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Pumpkin

I have a sweet angel, her name is Avie Drue...and she is obsessed with smocked dresses. I assure you, it is she, not her mama...she demands that I buy them when we go shopping. She has to have one for each and every holiday...she has already got FIVE Christmas ones. She also likes to wear them for everyday-wear. She even wears them to daycare. Yes, I know, I have created a monster. Haha, just kidding...I LOVE THE WAY LITTLE GIRLS LOOK IN SMOCKED THINGS! She will be wearing them until at least 5 years old! And ladies, look out...if I have a boy one day, he will wear smocked too! Don't make fun! (some people refuse...or their husbands refuse...to let their little boy wear these sweet, smocked clothes...but me? Well, I think babies should be babies and that's what babies wear!) Thought I'd give you a few pics of Avie in one of her Halloween dresses.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hendrix Girls' Shopping Day!!

I love going to the outlet mall in Vicksburg. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, Avie, and I decided to head over, shop there, and then head downtown to see what else Vicksburg had to offer! Little did we know, Octoberfest was going on and downtown was BOOMING! There were sidewalk sales, live music, and tons of cute boutiques! We had a great time. I WILL go back...and not just for Gap, Bath & Body Works, and Gymboree outlets!
Say "cheeeese"!

Avie was getting tickled over the live music.

This is cute!

I love this child. She is my heart!

Ok, ignore my bad hairday and double chin...I had to post this pic...you can just look at Avie and tell she's a joy even if you haven't met her. Sorry to brag, but isn't that what we're supposed to do?!

Goin' out in the cold...

It was FREEZING Saturday morning! I got up to get ready to head to Vicksburg with Chad's mom and sister and Chad was gonna go to the camp. Well, he tended to Avie while I got ready and she just started screaming her head off...I was like "what happened?". He said she wanted to go outside and swing but it was too cold so he wouldn't take her out. Seriously, she was getting her way...and she would scream the house down until she did.

I put some footed pj bottoms on her (with the 1-piece, unbuttoned pj's she already had on) and a sweater. And this is what I got...

Yes, indeed, she got to go outside and swing...

and swing...

and swing some more!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My 1-year-old just got her driver's license!

Ok, so everytime we turn on the road to our camp, we pull a Britney and let Avie out of her carseat. This time Daddy let her drive. She is a great driver!

And last night I let her play while I ran to the laundry room to put on a load of clothes before her bathtime. I came back to find this. Books on the loose! She loves her books. She'll get one and bring it over to you and want you to read it to her. Smart, huh?!