Friday, August 28, 2009

Kool Kids

Ok, ok, I know...I still have adorable pictures of my sweet daughter's birthday party to post, but I HAD TO...I JUST HAD TO share these pictures of the precious things I bought last night for Avie at the Kool Kids Consignment Sale!!! I was supposed to go after Avie's dr. appt. but I ended up having to cancel her check-up because she got sick yesterday at daycare so I went to pick her up and headed to Ruston (she was fine once I got her...I think she just missed me! nah...she's cutting a tooth and sometimes she gets a little tummy ache with the sinus drainage she's been having). I had committed to work a couple of hours last night at the sale, so mom watched her while I went up there.

This sale comes around twice a year apparently, but this was my first time to go...I usually hit up the Munchkin Market in Monroe. This was MUCH bigger and better than Munchkin Market (which was a few weeks ago...I got a ladybug smocked dress and 2 Kelly's Kids dresses for $33!). It was at the Ruston Civic Center and I think I saw everyone I knew from friends, my sister's friends, my mom's friends, my brother's friend's wives...everyone. If you volunteer to work 4 hours, you get to shop before anyone else...which, of course, I did! I bought all of these clothes and 3 big fun toys for $130!!! Doesn't get any better than that! (By the way, Avie wears her smocked things to daycare...yeah, you probably think I'm crazy, but all the kids do and I realized I'm actually getting my money's worth by letting her wear them more than just on weekends and to church...sure, the Rosalina dressy ones are for church only...) And the cute thing is...Avie grins and gets so excited when I show her the things I've bought her. It's like she knows..."I'm gonna be so cute in that!"...hahaha!
She still wears 12 m and is almost exclusively in 18 m but I predict 24 m-2T to be just around the corner...maybe Christmas time even! Smocked dresses only make a big difference in size according to the length. The sleeves and neck of a 24 m would be fine right now as long as I hem it up a couple of inches and then let it out as the grows. So these dresses could last me a long time! She has like SIX Christmas dresses already, so I wasn't in the market for that last night.

I'm not sure this dress has ever been worn. It looks brand new...10 bucks!

This is SOOOO sweet! $15

I love cupcake clothes!

Just look at the detail on the sleeves...

And, yes, my child MUST have all festive holiday clothes. Here is an outfit for the month of November...10 bucks...

I love the embroidery on this...

And, yes, Thanksgiving is at our hunting camp every year, but my child is not in the run-around-and-get-dirty stage yet, so I will be putting her in her new smocked turkey dress this year! $16

Adorable brown corduroy dress...the white color is trimmed in light pink ric-rac. I will for-sure be monogramming her initials on this! $8!!!

Ok, I don't know about you girls, by Avie's smocked clothing does NOT go in the dryer. Apparently, this outfit did (seemed a little mis-shapen)...but, all it needs is a good ironing and it will be fine! Smocked pants set with ballet slipper and ballerina outfits...$3!

And I'm thinking this one went in the dryer looks tiny, but it's an 18m. I will be letting the hem out and she'll wear this on Halloween...and probably several times in the month of October...$10!

And I definitely saved the best for last. This is a blue corduroy polka dotted smocked cinderella jumper. It's pants, but you can't see that part...apparently I accidentally deleted that pic! It is in perfect condition and I fell in love with it when I was working Wednesday (organizing clothes before the sale started) and was determined to be the first to grab it when they let us shop! I thought someone else had already gotten it, but I was the only one looking in the 24m-2T so I knew I just wasn't searching hard enough...I eventually found it! I can't wait to see this on her. It was only $25!

Here is one of the toys I got her. My friends Dallas and Paige's little girl Emma has this and Avie loved it at Emma's birthday party. $8. Mom got one for her house too!

And I got her this toy rocking horse because she LOVES the one at the Jungle Gym. It doesn't look exactly like this, but pretty much...the horsie's head just looks different. Avie has a real wooden rocking horse her grandaddy made her way before she was born but it's too big for her right now. This was only $6!

And then THIS toy looked way too much fun! It's a sit-to-stand dance tower. This is one toy we may have to drag Aunt Tata away from...

$3 bucks!

And my mama got this for her house. It is adorable! Chad and I almost bought one of these for Avie's birthday, but it looks as if she'll outgrow it in no time (it's only about 3.5 ft high) so Emmy and Tim got her a swing to hang from the patio and we got her a slide. This thing is $120 + shipping (not sold in stores) and mom got it for $30! It's in great shape, too!
Emmy and I both consigned this year...she put in a lot of stuff and I put in a bunch of pillowcase dresses, appliqued burp cloths, and covered wipee cases I had made. We had so much fun shopping yesterday! We get our early shopping passes and then 2 guest early shopping passes which I gave to a couple of friends and Magan (one of them) found some cute things for her little Nolan too! The public sale started today and goes through tomorrow night, so yall get over there! They had a TON of stuff!

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Monogramming!

I took on a small monogramming job this week for my friend, Erica. We met in college and I
run into her from time to glad we reconnected! Here are some of the cute things I did for her 2-year-old. They were too cute not to share!

How cute is this watermelon applique? It totally makes an inexpensive tank or tee.

First time to do the circle around an initial...I liked it though!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The zoo!

Ok, things are so backwards on my blog now. I have these pics from a couple of Sundays ago on my work computer and a ton of pics from the summer on my home computer. Which means all the posts are going to be out of order. I haven't even posted about Avie's birthday party yet and that was a month ago! In due time, though, I promise. Chad and I wanted to take Avie to do something fun before she started daycare so we took her to the zoo. IT WAS HOT!!! But, nevertheless, we had a ball!

Yes, I am one hot mama...and I don't mean hot in a sexy way. I was sweatttting!

One hot daddy! And I DO mean that in a sexy way...

yuck. a bobcat.

This picture is kinda dark, but it was the cutest picture of some kind of different-looking cow kissing her baby.

And this bird said "hello!" to us as we walked past.

My favorite, the giraffe. It was gorgeous!

My happy girl on her daddy's shoulders!

She just sits up there and pats his shaved head. It's pretty cute.

She's as happy as a lark!

So cute...Avie standing beside the rino. Yes, I dressed my child in her Easter dress. It was too expensive to only let her wear it once on Easter so we had to get a second time out of it! It didn't have baskets and eggs on it...just bunnies.

Let's make an Avie sandwich!

Ok, we tried to get a Mama/Avie shot...I loved her expression in every picture, so I posted all three of them!

Just look at that squinched up nose!

Pretty cool...the ULM Warhawk.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Long time, no post...

I'm baaaaaaack! Ok, so we can all see that I haven't done a post since the end of June. Forgive me, but my interent connection at home is super-slow and will upload 5 pics in about 45 minutes. It's just not worth it to me! So...without further ado, I would like to do a quick post right now, but there will be much more to come. We still have many things like Avie and Caroline's birthday parties, the zoo, and tons more!

My grandmom has had some health problems over the past couple of years and has been too weak to hold the babies while standing. She has recently begun to regain her strength and this is her first time to hold Avie while standing! It was my dad's birthday, July 27...we went out to dinner and Grandmom came out to the car to get Avie and walk her back to the bench outside of the restaurant. This was very special!

I had a monogramming job for some bridesmaid gifts for a co-worker's daughter's wedding this summer. She gave her attendants these cute towel wraps and matching cosmetic bags. I thought they were cute so I wanted to share! BTW, I do this on the side, so if you ever need gifts (especially baby and wedding gifts) or your child's clothes monogrammed, contact me! (

...and she had these done for her mother and mother in law.

Lately, I've become a serious pillowcase dress maker. Avie's been invited to a few birthday parties lately and this is what we gave!

The above dress was for Holland, my friend Crystal's little girl. She turned 2 and had a party at the Jungle Gym. It was Avie's first time to go and she loved it! We've been back since then!

Ridin' the horsie!

This is like a mini-ferris wheel. She LOVED it! Just pop a quarter in and you're good to go!


...playing in the jumper!

Is this picture dark? Or is it the computer?
(my little fam!)

"Avie, you ready to go eat some cake?" No, she crawls to the other side of the jumper. And it's a BIG jumper.

She LOVES watching older kids play.

The next day, Tim, Emmy, and the girls came over so the guys could go fishing down the road. Molly went out on the patio and the girls followed...only they didn't go outside. They stood at the door and watched Molly and Avie snuck in some sugar.

Well, that's all I have for right now! I'll try again later to get some more pics up!