Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jennifer and Joshua's Couples Shower

The last of the Fab Five got married a few weeks ago, but a few weeks before that we threw them a fun couples shower on the patio at Portico in Ruston. It was so much fun! Good friends and good food...anything better??
The happy couple!

Elaine, Jennifer, me, and Kelly

Me and my sweet husband.

Lindsey, Jennifer, Valerie, and me (4/5 of the Fab Five!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Haven't posted in fo-eva! This one's about Drew!

You ladies that follow my blog...you already know how terrible I am at keeping up with it, so I guess an explanation isn't necessary. (I really will try to be better about it this summer...but, same out-in-the-country slow Internet signal...just sayin')

I have ALOT to blog about! Since my last blog, I have gotten a new nephew, Avie got her first haircut, I've been crafting like crazy, our vegetable garden has flourished, and the last of the Fab Five got hitched!
Here are some pics of sweet Andrew Hunter Johnston (Drew), born May 3. He was 7 lb and a very beautiful baby boy! This is my twin brother's last child...and only boy! Thank goodness for this sweet boy...they already have 2 girls!

My twin brother with his new little boy!

...taking him to the nursery...

big sisters looking in at their baby brother

Mama with her little man

I've never seen Molly smile like this. She was soooo PROUD!

Me holding Drew for the first time. Yes, I wore a hospital gown...I'd been at work all day and was sure there were kid germs all over me. I'm weird about germs around newborns. I changed shirts for MONTHS after coming home from work, before holding Avie when she was itty bitty.

A clean-shaven Chad holding his little nephew...

My first niece and first nephew...

Ninee holding Drew...she's a teacher too (hence the hospital gown)

Drew has been such a joy. He is so good! He's growing so fast. More pics to come later!